For Home Communions & Pastoral Visits please contact the Rector.

For information on Weddings / Blessing after a Civil Marriage, Baptisms / Thanksgivings, Confirmation and Funerals please contact the Rector.









If you’re planning a wedding, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact the Rector, who will arrange to meet with you. You may also find The Church of England’s weddings website helpful.

We have a team of experienced, enthusiastic flower arrangers on the Sanctuary Guild who can assist you with  everything from the choice of flowers, oasis, pedestals and containers to which arrangements where, to make the church even more beautiful for your special day at extremely reasonable cost too. Details are available at your meeting with the Rector.












Funeral flowers can also be provided by the Sanctuary Guild on request.

Sanctuary Guild Contact: Isabel 07557175284

We operate a Church Bookstall and can provide Bible Reading Notes

Church Rooms

The church rooms are situated behind the church next to church the car park.

There is a loo and a kitchen in the church rooms. In addition to the main hall there are two smaller rooms a store room.

The rooms may be available for hire for a limited range of groups and activities with a broadly “ecclesiastical” purpose. Please contact the Rector or church wardens for further details.

The church building may be available for hire for events in keeping with its Christian ethos. Please contact us for further details.

Moving? Just Moved?

If you have recently moved into the area, please contact us. We’d love to say “hello” and to give you a free copy of our Parish Magazine. As well as information about the church, it includes news of local clubs, societies and services. The adverts from local tradesmen often prove useful.

If you are thinking of moving to the area, the Rector or other members of the church would be happy to chat to you if that might be helpful. Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Churchyard, Burials and Garden of Remembrance

Those who live in the parish at the time of death or who die in the parish have a legal right to be buried in the churchyard.

The Parochial Church Council has decided that the following persons should also be permitted to be buried in the graveyard:

(1) Those with a second home in the parish at the time of death.

(2) Those who are on the electoral roll of the church at the time of death.

(3) The children and parents of those on the electoral roll at the time of death.

(4) Those who would have qualified for burial but who have moved away because of old age or ill health to more suitable accommodation e.g. to residential care, to live with a relative.

Churchyards are subject to The Chancellor’s Directions which gives rules about the type of memorials which are allowed. Before requesting burial in the churchyard, it is important to be aware of the restrictions these rules impose. Appendix D gives the Churchyard Regulations.

Regulations for the Garden of Remembrance:

The cremated remains of the following persons, may be interred in the garden of remembrance:

(a)  persons resident in the parish at the time of death or with a second home in the parish at the time of death;

(b)  persons whose names are on the church electoral roll of the parish;

(c)  persons dying in the parish;

(d)  the parents and children of those specified in categories (a) to (c) above.

2. Ashes may not be buried in a container of any description. Ashes are to be poured into the ground, from the container in which they are brought to the burial site, by the minister committing them to the earth and then covered with soil. Provision may be made for a double  interment in the same plot.

3. Each place of interment, referred to as a plot, is a piece of ground 33.3 cms by 33.3 cms. The place of interment may be marked with a single York sandstone memorial tablet measuring 30cms by 30 cms, located centrally in the designated plot with a gap of 3.3 cms between adjoining tablets. The tablet shall be set into the ground flush with the turf, such that a mower can be taken over it. The use of extended tablets to cover adjoining plots is not permitted. Inscription on the tablet should be simple and minimal and must be approved by the incumbent or priest-in- charge. Coloured lettering bronze or ceramic inserts are not permitted.

4.   No artificial flowers or foliage may be laid anywhere in the Garden of Remembrance. Flowers may not be placed in vases or other containers. All flowers and wreaths placed in the plot may be removed when they are dead.

  1. Where there is no memorial tablet the place of interment may be used for the interment of other ashes after a lapse of 25 years, always provided that reasonable attempts shall be made by the PCC to enquire from members of the family of the deceased whether they object and, should such objection be made, re-use will be deferred for a further 25 years.
  1. Memorial tablets may be removed after 50 years to permit re-interment. In the event that there is any objection from members of the family removal may be deferred for a further 25 years subject on each such occasion to objection from the family members.

Approved by the Diocesan Chancellor 3rd August 2009.

We have an active team of Bell Ringers and enquiries from potential new members are always welcome. Ringing is fun, sociable and it’s a challenge.






Please contact us if you would like to be added to our Electoral Roll. Baptised people over 16 years of age who live in the parish or regularly attend the church may be on the electoral roll. The full rules are here.

Giving & Gift Aid

Committed members of the church are encouraged to give in a regular, planned way, as this helps us to budget. A standing order can be a convenient way to do that. UK tax payers can increase the value of their gift by 25% at no cost to themselves by filling out a Gift Aid form. You may also wish to consider mentioning Warbleton Church in your will. Our treasurer is always happy to give confidential advice.

Warbleton parish church gives more than 10% of its income to other Christian causes in this country and nationwide. Links to many of these can be found on our links page.

We are a Church of England parish church in the Deanery of Dallington and the Diocese of Chichester

The Warbleton Charity

The Rector is a trustee of this charity which gives grants for the relief of poverty in Warbleton and for educational purposes (especially for apprenticeships and vocational training). The charity provides a number of local people with Christmas hampers.

The Warbleton Housing Association

The housing association administers the flats for local elderly people at Osborne House, Rushlake Green. The Rector is a trustee.  The church has the right to use the Community Room at Osborne House.

Mission Action Plan

Our Mission Action Plan was last updated in January 2018 and can be viewed here:  Warbleton MAP Jan 2018

Local clubs and societies

These include:

Warbleton Brass Band

The Women’s Institute, Rushlake Green

The Horticultural and Poultry Society

The Village Players (Amateur Dramatic Society), Rushlake Green

The History Group